Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cold Day in Smithville, Texas

Cuddling with my Caya dog while Wawa sleeps on the futon inside the container house.   Wonderfully cold and loving it!

Working on the plumbing.  The hot water pipe runs along the top of the metal container roof and is painted black to absorb heat throughout the day.  Surprisingly, with just an average diameter of PVC piping running the length of 40 plus feet, there is enough hot water to have at least a 5 minute shower!  During the summer it only takes a few minutes for the sun to heat it right back up.  Think: water hose sitting out in the yard on a hot sunny day.

We had ducks in the pond today!

Our sweet baby boy!

We saw Bigfoot!
Only joking! That's just Brad , my 13 year old!!

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