Saturday, January 3, 2015

Large Room Addition to Shipping Container Home

The line in the floor (below) is where we cut out the wall of the steel shipping container. The length we cut out is approximately 16 feet right through the middle of the 40 foot container, which was located under the air conditioner unit seen to the left in the "BEFORE" pic.  The new open kitchen and living area is 16' by 16' and now has refrigerator, sink with sprayer, and microwave.  Our double burner cook top is located on the front porch in the outdoor kitchen until we decide where we want to permanently install it inside the container home.  It runs on propane, so the bottle must be outside.  We built this bar height table island out of rejected cypress boards we rescued from  our friends high end garage door manufacturing company.  The 26" aluminum barstools are from  The light fixtures are $7 shop lights with $20 LED lightbulbs.


work in progress!


  1. Holy rabbits I am loving the progress! Check out our latest here in Arizona! I really wish my husband was on board with shipping containers...we went with a public transport bus until we build a barn house but you guys are so inspiring!


    2. Hi Brittany! Thanks for the comment, and for following us. I love everything y'all have done at your homestead! Your blog is so fun to follow.