Friday, July 6, 2012

Big Picture Windows for Container Home

Large Picture Windows for Container Home
I feel like I struck gold this morning on CL!  Dale was about to either a) frame in the sliding door only and wait for windows or b) go purchase a second sliding glass door and take it apart to make the large windows I want.

Well, duh...Craigslist to the rescue!  I found many opportunities in the great City of Houston by some super nice folks I might add!  A gentleman named Scott hooked us up with these bad boys!  They are new Pella low E double pane with argon gas, pvc frame ready to be installed on either side of the same type of Pella sliding glass door.  I'm so happy :o)

The door is 80" tall while these windows are 76", but I decided we would install them flush on the top and 4 inches from the floor.  This leaves just enough room for the awesome white cedar planks Dale scored on Tuesday.  We will do the floor and the trim in this white cedar.  He bought a truckload for $100.  The windows were $125 each.

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