Sunday, June 17, 2012

Countryside in Muldoon, TX

As we patiently await the closing on our property, we are like two little kids playing with legos.  Our plan for a container home means we need to have the configuration of our containers decided before we start moving them out to the property.   Dale wants 5 containers and 2 stories, but I want no more than 3 and to keep it on one level.  If we find a spot on the farm that has a great view once we clear the brush I will go for the big one with a second story.  If we can't see great views of the beautiful Texas Hill Country then I would prefer to keep it simple and close to the ground to enjoy the peaceful views of the surrounding forest and pond.  Either way, it will be the alternative green weekend retreat we have been imagining for several years.  I hope we can find that one amazing spot on the farm where a view of the Texas  hills in the distance reveals itself.  We had been looking at 6 acres near Wimberley that had views of the Devil's Backbone, but the drive was double the distance and time.  Now that we have "the Wawwa", we need to keep our roadtrip shorter.  Also, the other property was about $15,000 more with 3.5 less acres.  We fell in love with this place and I know it will be all we ever need and want!

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