Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Container

OK, so here it is. This recycled Genstar shipping container will be our 320 square feet of Texas Hill Country cottage paradise! We feel we got a good deal on the unit from our buddy "Joe", who has a stockpile of the used shipping containers from the Port of Houston. Although I love the rust brown color of this one with the original graphics, etc. I can't resist the urge to paint it TEAL. I love blue/green hues and if not teal it will need to be a light color besides rust brown. We want a light color so it will reflect the hot Texas sun's powerful rays during the extreme Summer months.

Dale has already gone to Lowe's to get the insulation. I wanted to be there at our Houston shop to help with each aspect of the construction, but it is still very hot and I have the baby. We will just kick back and let the guys do all the preliminary work. While I am home with the WaWa, he is at the shop taking care of installing the insulation. This is one of a few construction needs we will be completing prior to transporting out to the property.

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