Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ceiling Insulation Goes In Container House

Dale has been hard at work adding the ceiling insulation for our container house.  He went ahead and purchased the really thick stuff because he has been out there working in the thing in the hot Texas summer heat.   I have stopped by several times for this blog's sake, and I will describe it as a sauna within an oven sitting on top of the desert sand.  I sincerely hope this insulation work does the trick once Dale cranks up the AC.  The air conditioner is a portable, and I will get the specifics for everyone in the next blog post.  I think it is a Ramsond.  I wanted Mitsubishi, but Dale insists it pulls too many amps for our solar panels.  Like I said, I will get all the specifics as well as an update on the internal temperature of the container in the next post. 

I haven't heard from him all day, but I did manage to get my hair done:
Hi Sweetie!  I had a nice day at the spa :o)
Love YOU xoxox


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